Be agile everywhere or risk alienating your customers!

By April 28, 2017 DevOps, Scrum & Agile

Apps have become a fundamental interface between brands, businesses and consumers, and in today’s lightning-paced app economy, customer loyalty is hard-won. Users are more savvy and informed than ever, and they recognise good and bad experiences when they see them. In this context, the ability to become agile and move with speed must be a core component of any organisation’s digital transformation strategy.

The importance of agile methodologies is well understood. New research from Coleman Parkes, sponsored by CA Technologies, shows that 81 percent of businesses agree that being agile is critical to successful digital transformation, and more than four in five are deploying agile principles to some degree. Yet surprisingly given this level of recognition, just six percent say they have successfully embedded agile principles across their entire organisation.

Impacting the bottom line

Agile enables organisations to design, develop and deliver higher quality apps faster than ever before. Engaging with the customer early and often about the products they want drives real value and ensures a more efficient development process.

It is an iterative development process most commonly deployed in the IT function. However, the value to be gained from embracing agile principles company-wide is significant and our results show that it is possible to scale agile into all main functions.

The maturity gap

As part of the research, a “maturity model” was created to examine just how widely organisations are embracing agile, and to compare the business impact of mature versus basic adoption.

They found that the two-thirds of organisations yet to fully deploy agile practices are forfeiting substantial business benefits experienced further up the maturity scale.

For example, advanced users say they are better able to leverage new business opportunities thanks to a 40 percent reduction in the time taken to make decisions (compared with 33 percent reduction for basic users), and the speed with which they release apps has been accelerated by an astounding 80 percent.

And the benefits don’t end there. Organizations that are advanced in agile recorded a 20-to-40 percent increase across all of the KPIs they track, including business growth (33 percent), quality of development of apps (27 percent) and customer satisfaction (20 percent).

Implementing agile principles

To build the right products and deliver them with the quality/predictability customers expect, enterprises must scale agile beyond IT. Many organisations often find the obstacles in the way of doing so to be numerous and wide-ranging. But with a clear action plan in place, it’s possible to successfully embed these practices as part of your digital transformation program. And with such an unequivocal business case, can companies really afford not to?

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