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May 2017

Eight Tips to Become the Scrum Master Your Team Needs

Eight Tips to Become the Scrum Master Your Team Needs

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Fantastic post sourced from Mike Cohn’s blog on how to run a sprint retrospective.

As a Scrum Master, do you ever feel like you’re not doing all you can for your team? Are you doing the basics of the job, yet feel you could do more?

This is a very important question to ask. We each have blind spots that prevent us from seeing some of things we could do to better help our teams.

In my work with great Scrum Masters, and those who may not be great yet but are working to get there, I’ve identified eight things people often need to be reminded of in order to become the Scrum Masters that teams need. Read More


Top 7 Benefits of Establishing DevOps Within Your Organisation

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Any organisation adopting a DevOps approach is, by definition, also embracing a new way of working. One of the core aspects of DevOps, is the breaking down of traditional silos to create an environment in which developers work closely with operational colleagues and other key stakeholders involved in software delivery. This in itself requires significant changes to reporting and communications structures. Read More

Get Teams to Estimate Better

How to Get Your Teams to Estimate Better in Scrum

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“We need to get better at estimating,” an experienced member of a Scrum development team once told me. “Management is getting concerned that we keep coming up short on our commitment.”

“Really?” I responded. “What have you been committing to?”

“Thirty story points” she said. “We get there about 50% of the time. In a couple of recent sprints, we’ve even exceeded thirty points, but the last sprint marked the third time this quarter that we fell short of our target.”

“Why was your forecast off target, do you think?” I asked. Read More


Are We Done Yet?

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The definition of done (DoD) is one of the most important and least-understood elements of the Scrum Framework. It is specifically called out in “The Scrum Guide” in what is probably its biggest section, and yet, I’ve seen so-called ‘definitions’ of Scrum that fail to mention it at all.

In this post, we’ll be talking about why, exactly, the DoD is so important.  Read More