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scrum master not project manager

A Scrum Master is NOT a Project Manager

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Despite rumours to the contrary these are two entirely different roles.

For those new to Agile there is often an assumption made that the Scrum Master and the Project Manager are the same role. This is absolutely not the case. The two roles are very different and they each fit into approaches to projects that are wildly different. If anything, the Product Owner role is most closely aligned with the Project Manager role.
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Scrum Master

What is your role as a Scrum Master?

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Servant leader, coach, and facilitator. Learn more about a Scrum Master’s essential role

The Scrum Master fills an essential role on the team by acting as the team’s servant leader, coach, and facilitator. They are the individuals that drive the process, facilitate the ceremonies, remove impediments, and protect the team from distractions so they can focus on delivering value within their timeboxes. These individuals are responsible for enabling the team and enforcing the values and practices that the team and the organisation have made commitments around. The Scrum Master is a leader, not a functional manager, and is responsible for ensuring that the Scrum team is able to run at maximum efficiency and to coach stakeholders, Product Owners and the team on all things agile. Read More

Be agile everywhere or risk alienating your customers

Be agile everywhere or risk alienating your customers!

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Apps have become a fundamental interface between brands, businesses and consumers, and in today’s lightning-paced app economy, customer loyalty is hard-won. Users are more savvy and informed than ever, and they recognise good and bad experiences when they see them. In this context, the ability to become agile and move with speed must be a core component of any organisation’s digital transformation strategy. Read More

Three reasons IT Operations needs to be more Agile

Three reasons IT Operations needs to be more Agile

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For decades IT operations has often been viewed as something of a back-office technology function. But all this has changed. Now IT (including operations) is front and centre in helping organisations forge new business models and disrupt markets.

As a result, IT operations must adapt to support the application-driven business needs. A successful agile operations transformation boils down to three essential requirements – speed, quality and scale. Read More

agile learning culture

Agile And The Learning Culture

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Corporate culture is one of those topics that gets written and talked about a good bit and with good reason. Implementing and maintaining an Agile culture and an Agile learning culture are both very challenging. Inside a learning culture employees have to be willing to keep up with what is new and how that newness impacts their performance and contribution to the bottom line. Similarly, companies need to make sure that they provide an atmosphere conducive to a faster pace of learning. Read More