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March 2017

cross functional teams

Cross Functional Doesn’t Mean Everyone Can Do Everything

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A great article from the founder of Mountain Goat Software, Mike Cohn. Perhaps the most prevalent and persistent myth in agile is that a cross functional team is one on which each person possesses every skill necessary to complete the work.
This is simply not true.
A cross-functional team has members with a variety of skills, but that does not mean each member has all of the skills. Read More

get into the flow

How to get into Flow

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Do you recognise this? You’re working for a while on something you like working on. It’s challenging work, but you know you can do it. You have lost track of time. Weren’t you supposed to eat 2 hours ago? And now that you mention it, you really need to go to the bathroom. You look at the clock and four hours have past since the last time you consciously noticed the time. You have been in flow. Read More